Mind maps – my version of Patrick’s Chronodex

I have been following Patrick Ng’s blog for quite some time now (his link is on my favourite list but here it is just in case.)

On Patrick’s site, you can walk through how his Chronodex concept came to life and how it has grown through his readers’ inputs and his own new ideas.

I’ve never been a diary user per se, but has always been a great fan of mind mapping, it has to do with the fact that around a main central topic, the circle doesn’t place priority or importance on the sub-idea or task whereas lists and check-boxes seem to automatically when you write them down from top to bottom on a piece of paper. To me anyway, I find brain storming an idea is more accurately depicted around a circle, feels more organic, right?

So, inspired by Patrick’s idea, I’ve been creating notebooks for myself this past few months, I have three of this per A4 sheet and now have made a template where I can print them double sided on A3.

I have been printing about 12 of these pages at a time and then stapling them in the middle to create a 24 pages book. So far, it’s been working great for me!

So thanks Patrick 🙂


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