Gimmick or tool?

Cameras on mobile phones just gets better and better, and the fact that you have it with you most of the time means that rarely are you without a camera these days.


A simple fact for me is that I find myself taking photos of things that I would otherwise would not have due to this fact, but lots of these photos are quite blend in colour or saturation or detail or a lot of other things that you may be looking for if you had your ‘proper’ camera with you.


Instagram has been around in the Apple’s app store for quite awhile now, and I have always found that it a great app as its filters and borders add a bit of character to an otherwise blend image. This has been criticised by those arguing that the app promotes taking sub-standard photos and allowing them to saturate the internet, and those defending it as just another creative tool that allows the user to express how they see the end image. I’m with the latter, so much so that I started to look for a desktop version on the mac a few weeks ago. I found Analog which is very similar and having a play with it tonight, I wanted to share 4 images post the app doing its stuff (I’ll post the originals in the future), these photos include phones as well as some from my ‘proper’ cameras:


Outside the Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park LONDON UK

iPhone 3G


Surry Hills SYDNEY, Australia

Nikon D300, 50mm

Skating in the Park

Central Park, New York

Nikon D100 

The Strand Arcade

Sydney, Australia

Leica M3


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