All about the framing

I have always found the panoramic format appealing, and now having invested in a XPAN, I find framing the photograph to be quite challenging.


So the XPAN can shoot in the standard 24 x 36mm format on a roll of 135 film, but with a switch on the back of the camera, it switches to panoramic mode and shoots the image onto 24 x 65mm, which is actually wider than a medium format 6×7.


Onto my fourth roll of film during this holiday period, I can’t wait to see the photographs that has been captured. I’ve been going about it as I was shooting with a normal rangefinder, with some emphasis on the position of the image within the frame lines in the viewfinder. It’s been a lot of fun though I’m not too optimistic about the quality of this first batch.


Previously to owning my newest toy, I’ve cropped quite a few of my photographs to achieve the desired outcome of a pano. Obviously this lets itself down when I try to enlarge it to anything larger than a photograph printed on A3. Both of these were shot around Werri Beach in Gerringong on the NSW south coast.


My favourite:

and this one where I think the framing has let it down:


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