Problem with film!!!

I have only 1 enlargement in the house from the hundreds of rolls of film I have taken over the years, it was taken on Kodak T400N, Kodak’s C-41 B&W. The shot was taken back in 2003. The subject is part of a wheel (from a trebuchet (a catapult) on the grounds of Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland).


The enlargement is 60cm by 60cm and the sharpness or rather the softness I am happy with since it lives behind a pane of glass. But lately I’ve been meaning to see how big I could get an enlargement without losing out on the detail. So I’ve devoted last night in finding the negatives only to be disappointed. I’ve moved houses 4 times in those years, and I guess I must have stashed it in such a safe place that even I can’t get to them.


To make matter worse, this era was also when I was transitioning from a PC to a mac. And now I can’t even find the original digital scans!!!. The only thing I can find in all the digital back ups I have is a 3000 by 3000 cleaned up version that I printed on A3 back in 2007 😦 Next step is to go to my parent’s garage and spend a weekend seeing if I have truly lost the originals!!


On a side note, I have been using Analog, a desktop app that resembles the Instagram app on the iphones…and with 1 click choosing the Noir filter.. here’s the result.



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